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Top 10 Square Dining Tables in 2018

If you have a square room (not too narrow); the square dining table would look as good as round table for the room. Unlike oval dining tables; the square dining tables have all sides equal. The bigger the table; more people can be…

Top 10 Oval Dining Tables in 2020

An oval dining table features curved edges which makes it an ideal table for small spaces and it doesn't have sharp corners so people in standard size rooms can move around without bumping into it. In oval dining tables, pedestals are

Top 10 Rectangular Dining Tables

If you have long rooms then the rectangular dining tables will be the right choice. Depending on shapes and sizes; these tables can accommodate more seats and still leave enough space into a room. 1. Andover Mills Avery…

Top 10 Round Dining Tables

Dining tables come in different shapes and sizes depending on your choice. If you have small space for a table then round dining tables will be good for different reasons such as; it is easy to sit around and these do not have any sharp…