More Than 40+ Best TV Stands – The Definitive Guide

When I was a kid, those days there weren’t smartphones or tablets, but the TV was the only electronic device as a source of entertainment. Back then televisions were small, and a regular dresser was enough as a TV stand. These days there are LCD, LED and Plasma TVs which require a strong TV stand if you don’t want to mount your TV to the wall. I may not know the reason, but I have been fascinated with different TV stands. I have searched many TV stands online, and if you are like me, you may find one of the best tv stands from this definitive guide.

Best TV Stands
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This guide is about TV stand materials, styles, its types, brands, DIYs and much more.

Let’s first talk about the materials:


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Wooden TV Stands:

Now, here we have to agree, wooden furniture has been used for centuries. Almost every household would like to have wooden furniture at least in their one room. Wood is environment-friendly material. The reason behind going for a wooden TV stand is, durability and design it offers. I would say, if you have wooden furniture, you can easily find a matching TV stand with it. While there are several things, you should know. Such as what kind of wood is it. To find it out, let’s talk about the different type of wooden TV stands:


Bamboo TV Stand:

It may sound strange to you, but bamboo is more durable than oak according to HomeAdvisor. Some rustic furniture made of bamboo from the early 60s to 70s can still be found in good condition. And it makes it the most durable form of furniture. The only downside is, it is not that widely used these days, so it isn’t easy to find a good variety of bamboo TV stands these days.


Birch TV Stand:

As compared to many other hardwoods; birch is the affordable one while it can take stain easily. For a birch TV stand, you would, of course, have to keep it well maintained. However, it is still durable wood and good looking too. It has many species such as Silver Birch, River Birch, Himalayan Birch while the two popular species are yellow birch and sweet birch. As compared to bamboo, you can find a great variety in birch TV stands.


Cedar TV Stand:

Cedar is considered a softwood yet it has about 30 years of lifespan even when not well maintained. There are still some cedar TV stands available, but it isn’t much common in this area. While if you go with cedar, its great type is red cedar.


Mahogany TV Stand:

Mahogany wood is one of the very traditional materials used for making some great furniture around the world. It is the rare piece of wood which is very durable when it comes to furniture. It is also used in flooring in different types of houses. Because of its durability, a TV stand made with mahogany wood can be expensive. But if you care about having a solid TV stand, it is entirely worth it.


Oak TV Stand:

Oak has been favorite wood for making modern and mid-century modern furniture. If you are using one of those styles in furniture, the chances are you might be using oak furniture. Being a durable hardwood, it is also abundant in the USA. Its most popular types are red oak and white oak. However, the white oak is more durable, but the grain texture of both kinds is the same. Likewise, having a TV stand with oak, would give you a long lasting TV stand.


Pine TV Stand:

Usually, you will find pine wood in rustic furniture. It is usually an in-expensive solution for different types of chairs and kids’ furniture. The TV stand made of pine wood would need extra care.


Mango Wood TV Stand:

OK, after reading this, you might wonder, seriously! Mango wood? Well, it might not have been the most common wood for furniture, but it is a very durable form of timber which can give long years of strength to your TV stand. This hardwood has dense grains, which make it strong enough for heavy tables and chairs. Because of its durability and increased availability, it is an affordable alternative for maple and oak wood. I have been looking through and found it has a good variety for TV stands.


Teak TV Stand:

Teak is one of the most durable wood. However, the furniture made with it is often expensive. This hardwood type is generally used for patio and other outdoor furniture because it can withstand summer, winter and different environmental changes making it even more desirable. Because of its this kind of durability when it comes to indoor furniture such as a TV stand, it remains stable for a very long time.


Walnut TV Stand:

It is another wood for making beautiful furniture. The walnut wood is a durable hardwood which has two common types: English Walnut and Black Walnut. The furniture made with this wood isn’t that expensive, but it can be if the solid walnut wood is used. A TV stand made of walnut wood would not only be durable, but it would also have a beautiful color.


Maple TV Stand:

It is another one of the hardwoods which are generally used for making kitchen cabinets or dressers. The best thing about it you would like is, it is not only very durable, but it is affordable too. Its creamy texture can give you a clean light-colored TV stand if it is not painted or finished. I mean an unfinished wooden TV stand.


Metal TV Stands:

Some people would not like to watch wooden furniture everywhere in the room, and if you are one of them, you may go for alternatives. Such as a metal TV stand instead of wood. If you are into metal furniture styles and like to decorate your room with metal and glass items, the metal TV stands would be ideal for you. Another reason can be weight. Metal furniture is often lightweight and easily portable. Alright, so as we discussed wooden furniture earlier above, now let’s talk about metal TV stands and some of its types:


Steel TV Stand:

As we know, steel is one of the durable forms of metals. It is stainless and gives excellent life to furniture. Usually, steel is seen in conjunction with other materials, for example, a furniture item can be steel and glass, steel and wood or can also be only steel. A steel TV stand would have its look, while if your room has glass doors or glass top furniture; it would look more attractive when mixed with those items.


Wrought Iron TV Stand:

When it comes to iron furniture, wrought iron has been widely popular because of many features such as easy to weld compared to cast iron. It is lightweight too. It is a durable form of iron which can bend but wouldn’t break easily. Mostly in TV stands, wrought iron is not used alone. It looks more beautiful when used with wooden pieces or planks, giving your TV stand a classic look, yet keeping it highly durable.


Truss TV Stand:

OK, now it might sound weird to you but it is also a form of TV stand. Truss is generally used in huge projects such as for bridge roofs or biggest frameworks. While, because of such kind of durable truss construction various manufacturers have built truss TV stands. Why don’t you surprise your guests by having such a TV stand? Look, it doesn’t matter how weird it looks, but it is still a unique piece of furniture item which looks good. Usually these can support for up to 60 inch TVs. Some truss TV stands can be used for attaching more than one TV.


TV Stand Styles:

Like any furniture, TV stand has different styles such as traditional, contemporary, modern and rustic etc. To understand it better, let’s talk about every TV stand style and some of the best TV stand in each style:


Contemporary TV Stands

Give your flat panel TV set the best host from this stunning collection of contemporary TV stands. These TV stands feature stylish and trendy designs to enjoy the view even when your TV is turned off. This TV stand gives ample storage space to accommodate all your media gadgets, and this TV stand collection has a wide variety to pick.


1. Sunbury Electric FireplaceSunbury Electric Fireplace

The Sunbury Electric Fireplace is sure to become a stylish and highly useful addition to your living room. With its four exterior shelves, this TV stand provides plentiful space for keeping all your media players like music system, DVD player and gaming console. The large and sturdy top easily accommodates flat screen TV sets of up to 60 inches. Its ventilation feature allows sufficient air flow to the cabinet. There are holes in the rear panel for cable management that would enable all wires and cords to be neatly organized. Constructed from MDF wood, this lovely TV stand has a gorgeous espresso finish that complements almost all types of room décor.


  • Durable laminate and metal
  • Espresso finish enhances its elegance
  • Includes 4 open shelves
  • Wide shelves provides ample space for other A/V devices
  • Shelves are adjustable
  • It requires assembly; all tools required for assembly are included
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • ISTA 3A certified to ensure this product is delivered without any damage
  • 30 days warranty on manufacturing defects

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 16“ – Width: 58“ – Height: 24“ – Weight: 80


2. Ashurst 39.25 TV StandAshurst 39.25

Treat your home with this gorgeous slim and sleek Ashurst 39.25 TV Stand. It features gunmetal gray finished metal frame with Sonoma oak wood grain finished top. It has spacious top that can conveniently accommodate any flat screen TV of up to 42 inches wide. The Emmett TV Stand comes with two open shelves that provide ample space for storing your media devices. This stylish and compact TV stand is versatile and can also be used as an elegant coffee table.


  • Built out of robust manufactured wood and durable metal
  • Powder coated finish
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Non-toxic
  • Sturdy metal legs provide anchor support
  • Can also be utilized as a chic coffee table
  • Requires assembly
  • Maximum weight limit of the top: 100 pounds
  • Maximum weight limit of each shelf: 50 pounds
  • One year limited warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 17“ – Width: 40“ – Height: 18“ – Weight: 21.56 lbs.

Shelf: Length: 17“ – Width: 40“


3. Anna 57.6 TV Stand by Zipcode™ DesignAnna 57.6

Enjoy watching TV in style with the chic and stylish Anna TV Stand from the house of Zipcode™ Design. This TV stand has a beautiful dark brown finish which works perfectly well with almost all color themes and room decors. It offers plenty of space to accommodate up to 58-inch wide flat screen TV along comfortably. Three open shelves along with two roomy drawers have ample space for keeping all your media players and other components. With cable management features, this TV stand is the ideal choice for those who love to keep their home well organized.


  • Manufactured from MDF, laminate veneer and glass component
  • Ample space for keeping DVD player, music system and gaming accessories
  • Holes in the back panel for clutter-free cable management
  • Drawers have glass panel
  • Silver finished drawer pulls with matching legs
  • Dovetail joinery for structural integrity
  • Non-toxic and hence safe for home with kids and pets
  • This TV stand is easy to assemble
  • Maximum holding capacity: 100 pounds

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 15.625“ – Width: 57.625“ – Height: 23.375“ – Weight: 6 lbs.

Shelf: Length: 15.35“ – Width: 17.8“ – Height: 6.5“

Drawer: Length: 14.5“ – Width: 26.5“ – Height: 11“


4. Rorie 59 TV Stand by Mercury RowMercury Row Rorie 59

Featuring elegant contemporary styling with a rustic touch, the Rorie 59 TV Stand flaunts an appealing look. The dark grey weathered finish complements its graceful profile. The square lines, floating top effect and chunky legs enhance its excellent design. With one full open shelf below the top and two drawers along the bottom, this functional TV stand offers ample space for all your media players and other appliances.


  • This gorgeous TV stand accommodates up to 46 inch TV
  • Built from MDF, particleboard, and melamine paper
  • Finish: Dark Grey
  • Drawers provide hidden storage space for your CDS and other items
  • The table top is stationary
  • Long bar pulls make opening and closing of the drawers a piece cake
  • It is straightforward to put together
  • Please be informed that the color shown in the image may vary from the actual product

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 15.5“ – Width: 59“ – Height: 19.75“ – Weight: 8 lbs.

Drawer Interior: Length: 5“

Shelf: Width: 56“ – Height: 5.5“


5. Casady 42 TV Stand by Varick GalleryCasady 42

Showcase your great aesthetic taste with the retro-style Casady 42 TV Stand. Featuring sturdy MDF construction, this attractive TV stand is adorned with light Sonoma oak wood grain finish. Further graced with hairpin legs in gunmetal gray finish, this TV stand is a sure shot heard-turner. It has two spacious shelves with cable management feature for holding your media players in a well-organized manner.


  • Functional and attractive
  • Accommodates up to 42” flat panel TV set
  • Built out of manufactured wood and particle board
  • Sonoma oak wood grain finish
  • Holes in the rear panel for cable management
  • Requires assembly and quite easy to assemble
  • Maximum holding capacity of this TV stand is120 pounds
  • ISTA 3A certified for safe transit
  • 1-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 19.49“ – Width: 41.97“ – Height: 24.61“ – Weight: 75 lbs.

Exterior Shelf: Length: 18“ – Width: 41“ – Height: 5.2“

Legs: Length: 4“ – Width: 4“ – Height: 18“


6. Llanas Cedarwood 48 TV StandLlanas Cedarwood 48

The Llanas Cedarwood 48 TV Stand smartly stores all your entertainment appliances at a single place. With a spacious top, an open shelf and five interior shelves, it offers ample space to accommodate all your media equipment. All five interior shelves are adjustable to suit your storage space requirement. It is compact and provides easy mobility.

Crafted elegantly from manufactured wood, this TV stand is sturdy enough to hold up to maximum 200 pounds of weight. It is robust, durable and reliable. It features the black finish, bun feet and raised panel cabinet doors. Antique brass knobs on the cabinet doors create a charming look. Your family and friends will love this sophisticated TV stand.


  • Plenty of room to conveniently accommodate up to 48 inch TV set
  • Includes one shelf with four cabinets
  • Cabinet doors have raised panels for elegant look
  • Magnetic door catches
  • Ample space for storing media components like DVD player, DVDs and gaming consoles
  • Made from compressed wood fibers with laminate on top
  • Opening at the back for cable management
  • Four chic bun feet support the TV stand
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maximum weight capacity: 200 pounds
  • 3 months limited manufacturer’s warranty against defects in quality or materials

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 18“ – Width: 47.75“ – Height: 28.75“ – Weight: 98

Cabinet Interior: Length: 14.75“ – Width: 23.5“ – Height: 23.5“


7. Abingdon 44 TV StandAbingdon 44

Functionality and elegance combine to lend this contemporary Abingdon 44 TV Stand a striking appearance. Crafted from MDF board and PVC laminate, this TV stand features sturdy and robust construction. Its textured black finish gives it a stunning look. With wide top and ample shelving, the Columbus TV Stand conveniently accommodates up to 52 inch TV along with all your A/V components.


  • Comfortably fits up to 52-inch flat panel TV set
  • Enclosed media storage design for storing electronic appliances
  • Includes two cabinets with shelf
  • Construction along with metal and glass components
  • Textured finish enhances the overall look
  • Ventilated design
  • Holes in the back panel for cable management
  • Closets have glass doors with magnetic door catches
  • Tempered safety glass
  • It requires assembly
  • Maximum holding capacity: 250 pounds
  • 30 days warranty against defects only

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 16“ – Width: 44“ – Height: 23“ – Weight: 64 lbs.

Top Shelf: Length:88“ – Width: 78“ – Height: 78“

Bottom Shelf: Length: 88“ – Width: 78“ – Height: 88“


8. Ricciardo 60 TV StandRicciardo 60

Make your living room more elegant with the sophisticated style of Ricciardo 60 TV Stand. It features raised panel design, bracket feet and glass front cabinet door, and this TV stand flaunts a very classy look. The tv stand has the classic cherry finish that lends enchanting charm to its overall look. This functional TV stand provides with ample space for holding all your entertainment equipment in a single place. The top of this TV stand is wide and spacious to accommodate up to 60-inch flat screen television conveniently. There are three cabinets with adjustable shelves for enclosed storage purpose. It is effortless and straightforward to assemble and low on maintenance.


  • Constructed from hardwood and veneers
  • 3 cabinets for media players
  • Interior shelves are removable
  • Elegant raised panel doors
  • Middle cabinets has tempered glass doors
  • It is a sturdy TV stand and can hold up to maximum 200 pounds
  • 90 days limited manufacturer’s warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 18“ – Width: 59.75“ – Height: 22“ – Weight: 5 lbs.

Cabinet Interior: Length: 14.5“ – Width: 17“ – Height: 15.5“


9. Allingham TV Stand by Charlton HomeAllingham Low Profile 60

The sophisticated profile of the Allingham TV Stand is praiseworthy. It is equipped with straight lines, raised panels, striking black finish and bun feet, and this TV stand showcases a stunning look. Thanks to the wide top and spacious cabinet, this functional TV stand has ample storage space for all your media components. It is sure to enhance the elegance of your living room while keeping your entertainment time full of fun and grace.


  • Accommodates up to 60-inch flat panel TV set
  • Robust MDF construction
  • Gorgeous black finish
  • Also comes in two more finishes that include Classic Cherry and Vintage Mahogany
  • Consists of 3 cabinets with adjustable shelves
  • Middle cabinet doors have tempered glass front while side cabinet doors are opaque
  • Magnetic door catches
  • Openings in the rear panel for cable management
  • Bun feet give a stylish touch
  • It requires light assembly
  • Maximum weight limit of this TV stand is 200 pounds
  • ISTA 3A certified
  • 90 days limited manufacturer’s warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 18“ – Width: 59.75“ – Height: 22“ – Weight: 5 lbs.

Cabinet Interior: Length: 14.5“


10. Pawlowski 47.25 TV Stand by Latitude RunPawlowski 47.25

Amplify the style quotient of your living room with the chic and stylish look of Pawlowski 47.25 TV Stand. It features a vivid white finish that looks very soothing and appealingly attractive. Its compartmentalized shelving design offers plentiful storage space to accommodate all your media components gracefully.


  • Conveniently holds up to 46-inch flat panel TV
  • Multiple shelves for convenient storage
  • Open shelving design
  • Easily fits all of your media appliances like DVD player, gaming consoles and other items
  • Sturdy MDF construction
  • This TV stand also comes in the cappuccino finish
  • Finished back for a wholesome look
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maximum holding capacity of each shelf is 25 pounds

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 15.75“ – Width: 47.25“ – Height: 23.75“ – Weight: 67 lbs.


Traditional TV Stands

Treat your living room with the elegant style of these traditional TV stands. Gracefully designed and crafted from sturdy wood, these TV stands offer appealing looks with optimum durability. An array of drawers, cabinets and open shelves present ample space for all your media players. This TV stand collection provides a wide variety to select from a range of finishes and designs.


1. Noelle TV Stand by August GroveNoelle TV Stand for TVs up to 65

Add style quotient to your home with the traditional Noelle TV Stand. The 75 inches wide TV stand has generous space to store all your audio/video devices efficiently. Featuring an open shelf, two big storage cabins along with a glass door cabin, this TV stand is an ideal choice for storing your DVD player, gaming consoles, cable boxes and other items at one place. This elegantly designed TV can be placed in your bedroom or living room. It is non-toxic and safe for your family and pets.


  • This TV stand can accommodate up to 50 inch TV
  • Constructed from select hardwoods and birch veneers
  • Charming cream enhances its elegance
  • Also available in attractive rubbed black finish
  • Spacious shelf and cabinets provide ample space for media storage
  • Adjustable shelves
  • antique pewter finished knobs accent the cabinet doors
  • Holes for cable management
  • This TV stand comes fully assembled
  • The manufacturer offers one-year limited warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 20“ – Width: 75“ – Height: 30“ – Weight: 175

Center Glass Cabinet: Length: 17.5“ – Width: 17.75“ – Height: 15.5“

Shelf: Length: 17.5“ – Width: 36.5“ – Height: 5“


2. Marblewood 60 TV Stand by Breakwater BayMarblewood 60

The graceful Marblewood 60 TV Stand from the house of Breakwater Bay will prove to be a useful addition to your home. It is crafted out of high-quality materials, and this TV stand is robust and rigid to last for many years. It gives ample storage for all your media components. The open shelf has abundant space for keeping cable boxes or DVD player. One glass cabinet at the center comes with a rack for holding multiple items like gaming consoles, books or showpieces. There are two additional cabinets at the sides for media storage. It has efficient cable management holes at the back to avoid tangled wires.


  • Can conveniently hold up to 60 inch flat panel TV set
  • Manufactured from robust and durable wood
  • Finish: Off-white
  • Non-toxic
  • 1 open shelf
  • 3 cabinets with 4 doors
  • Hinged doors with magnetic door catches
  • All cabinets reveal adjustable shelving
  • Knobs on the cabinets feature the brushed satin chrome finish
  • This TV stand needs to be assembled
  • ISTA 3A certification for damage-free delivery of this product
  • The vendor provides 30 days warranty on replacement of parts only

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 20“ – Width: 60“ – Height: 36“ – Weight: 134 lbs.

Shelf: Length: 16“ – Width: 34.5“ – Height: 5“

Side Cabinet Interior: Length: 16“ – Width: 5“ – Height: 28“

Center Cabinet Interior: Length: 16“ – Width: 5“ – Height: 20“


3. Inglenook 58 TV Stand with Electric FireplaceInglenook 58

Create a warm and entertaining space in your home with the Inglenook 58 TV Stand. This TV stand has a functional electric fireplace insert featuring LED flame. This is a simple plug-in unit that is quite easy to install.

It is made from high-grade MDF and laminate for lasting durability. With four open shelves, this TV stand provides plentiful space for keeping your all media equipment such as cable boxes, DVD player, Blu-ray player or other items.

The Inglenook 58 TV Stand is a multi-purpose TV stand with the gorgeous design. Bring home this stunning TV stand for exceptional and enjoyable entertainment hours.


  • Crafted from high-grade MDF and sturdy laminate
  • Barnwood finish looks gorgeous
  • Also available in the attractive Driftwood finish
  • Accommodates up to most 60 inch flat panel TV sets
  • Heats 200 square feet area
  • Fireplace utilizes 1400 watts
  • 4 open shelves for convenient media storage
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Cable management holes to avoid tangled wires
  • It requires assembly
  • Easy to install; no need to call technician or electrician
  • 30 days limited product warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 16“ – Width: 58“ – Height: 24“ – Weight: 95

Fire Place: Width: 29“ – Height: 20“


4. Harger Convertible 48 TV Stand with Electric FireplaceHarger Convertible 48

Featuring attractive black finish and corner placement design, the striking look of the Harger Convertible 48 TV Stand will take your breath away. Great for nippy evenings and chilly nights, this TV stand comes with an electric fireplace insert. The flickering flame of the fireplace looks real and enchanting. The LED lights used to create flickering flames are energy-efficient and pose no burden on your electricity bill. It is an easy-to-use plug-in unit. You can place it in your bedroom or living room and enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies in a warm and relaxing environment.


  • Easily accommodates flat-panel TVs up to 52 inches
  • Placement: Corner
  • The collapsible panel allows versatile installation against both flat wall and corner
  • Gorgeous TV stand with electric fireplace
  • It is also available in these finishes, Brown Mahogany, Cherry and Ivory
  • Its fireplace has the heat capacity of 400 square feet area
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Plug-in unit that utilizes 1500 Watts of electricity
  • Remote control included
  • Fireplace timer with a window of 30 minutes to 9 hours
  • Two cabinets with Three interior shelves each
  • All 6 shelves are adjustable
  • Produces no emissions or pollutants
  • It requires assembly; no aid of additional assembly tools
  • Its maximum weight capacity is 85 pounds
  • The maximum weight capacity of its media shelf: 20 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity of the triangular shelf: 10 pounds
  • 1-year limited product warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Flat Front: Length:1’ 3.75“ – Width: 4“ – Height: 2’ 8.25“ – Weight: 119 lbs.

Corner: Length: 2’ 3“ – Width: 4“ – Height: 2’ 8.25“

Open Shelf: Length: 1’ 1“ – Width: 1’ 11“ – Height: 5“

Interior Triangular Shelf: Length: 5“ – Width: 9“ – Height: 75″ / 8.75″ / 9″ (top / center / bottom shelves)


5. Chantrell 42.6 TV StandChantrell 42.6

The Chantrell 42.6 TV Stand is sure to adorn your living room space with its elegant style. Its unique design and compact size make it ideal for any room size whether small or large. It is equipped with an open shelf and two cabinets with adjustable shelves. With an array of storage options, this TV stand allows you to organize and synchronize all your entertainment sets with feasibility. The cable management cut-outs at the back panel keep all cords and wires from cluttering and getting tangled. Manufactured from non-toxic and eco-friendly engineered wood, the Registry Row TV Stand is durable, rigid and safe for the kids.


  • Accommodates up to 47 inch flat panel TV
  • Made in USA
  • Finish: Amber Pine
  • Enclosed back panel with cable management holes
  • Wide and spacious open shelf for audio/video equipment
  • Safety-tempered glass doors
  • Square knobs and accents in the wrought iron finish
  • Magnetic door catches
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maximum weight capacity: 95 pounds
  • 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 17.48“ – Width: 42.913“ – Height: 25.866“ – Weight: 85

Shelf: Length: 15.5“ – Width: 19.375“ – Height: 5.5“


6. Morris 60 TV StandMorris 60

The beautifully designed Morris 60 TV Stand is a great entertainment piece. Its traditional styling with contemporary touch makes it compatible with any room décor. The robust wooden structure along with the smooth black finish gives it a flawless look. The raised panel cabinet doors, brushed nickel knobs and bun feet add the style quotient to its elegant profile. This TV stand in high on utility value with its wide open shelf and three cabinets. The center closet doors open to reveal a single shelf while side cabinets are equipped with two shelves each. With ample storage space for all your media components, the Morris 60 TV Stand is an ideal choice to watch TV with elegance and style.


  • American style TV stand
  • Can host up to 60 inch flat TV sets
  • Constructed from manufactured wood
  • Also available in Classic Cherry and Vintage Mahogany finishes
  • One exterior shelf for DVD player
  • Three cabinets with four doors
  • Cabinets reveal five shelves for keeping electronic components such as gaming consoles, DVDs and other items
  • Brushed nickel knobs accent the cabinet doors
  • Bun feet
  • Cutouts in the back panel for efficient wire management
  • It requires assembly upon arrival
  • 90 days product warranty against defects in craft and materials

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 18“ – Width: 59.75“ – Height: 34“ – Weight: 123

Shelf: Length: 14.75“ – Width: 31.13“ – Height: 6.13“

Middle Cabinet Interior: Length: 14.75“ – Width: 31.3“ – Height: 22.63“

Side Cabinet Interior: Length: 14.75“ – Width: 12“ – Height: 19.25“


7. Englewood Corner 37 TV StandEnglewood Corner 37

Give your existing living room décor an elegant touch with the Englewood Corner 37 TV Stand. Its traditional look is very appealing and charming. It sports sturdy wood construction with beautiful designing. This TV stand has plentiful storage space to accommodate your DVD player, Blu-ray player, cable box, gaming consoles and other items that include your collection of CDs and DVDs. Bring home this TV stand and give your entertainment hours a traditional charm.


  • Enclosed storage design
  • Placement: Corner
  • Can also be placed against a flat wall
  • Conveniently accommodates up to 37 inch TV set
  • A quality product of USA
  • Built from manufactured wood
  • Finish: Abbey Oak
  • Cabinets reveal ample storage space to hold up to 52 DVDs and 68 CDs easily
  • Two adjustable exterior shelves
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • This TV stand is easy to assemble
  • Maximum weight limit: 95 pounds
  • Manufacturer provides 5-year limited warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 18.78“ – Width: 35.512“ – Height: 29.134“ – Weight: 70 lbs

Shelf: Length: 17.5“ – Width: 27.875“


8. Bilboa 54 TV Stand by Loon PeakBilboa 54

The Bilboa 54 TV Stand beautifully exemplifies the fusion of elegance, style and functionality. Its rustic and traditional style is attractive and charming. The poplar woods and oak veneers construction make this TV stand robust and durable. It features a sturdy and wide top that can easily hold 54 inch TV set. It has two roomy drawers that are perfect for keeping household keys, remote control and other items. Apart from the drawers, it also has two spacious shelves that provide abundant storage space to maintain and organize all your audio/visual devices. It is made from non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. This TV stand is safe for the environment and your family.


  • Traditional styling with a modern touch
  • Distressed oak finish adds depth to the overall look
  • Includes 2 roomy drawers along with 2 wide open shelves
  • Brown metal finished bail pulls accent the drawer fronts
  • Shelves are fixed
  • This TV stand is easy to assemble
  • Vendor’s 30 days warranty on replacement of parts only

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 18“ – Width:54“ – Height: 31.5“ – Weight: 130 lbs.

Drawer Interior: Length: 5“ – Width: 5“ – Height: 3“

Shelf: Length: 18“ – Width:52“ – Height: 5“


9. Susanna Series 60 TV Stand by Darby Home CoSusanna Series 60

The gorgeous Susanna Series 60 TV Stand sports graceful design with traditional styling to adorn your home. The smooth walnut brown finish glamorizes its overall look. This TV stand is spacious and sturdy enough to accommodate a 60″ flat panel TV easily. It features compartmentalized open shelf at the top for the cable box, gaming console and DVD player. It has two spacious shelves at the center where you can keep your other media components, or you can also utilize this space as display shelves.

Further equipped with two cabinets on the side, this TV stand offers plenty of space. The holes in the back panel for cable management to maintain all wires and cords tangle-free and organized while giving your room a neater appearance. The quality and construction of this TV stand speak for itself. It is an outstanding choice for those who seek quality and sturdiness without compromising on the looks.


  • Ideal for both bedroom and living room
  • Constructed from sturdy wood for lasting durability
  • Walnut brown finish looks stunning
  • This appealing TV stand also comes in walnut and black finishes
  • Two cabinets at the side with wooden framed glass doors
  • Cable management openings
  • Non-toxic and safe for kids and pets
  • Maximum holding capacity of the TV stand: 175 pounds
  • The maximum carrying capacity of the interior shelves: 66 pounds
  • The maximum handling capacity of the open shelves: 33 pounds
  • Manufacturer provides 1-year limited warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 20“ – Width: 60.25“ – Height: 28.125“ – Weight: 96 lbs.

Shelf: Length: 17.625“ – Width: 14.25“

Cabinet Interior: Length: 17.75“ – Width: 18.25“ – Height: 14.5“


10. Benson Corner 47 TV Stand by Three PostsBenson Corner 47

Bedeck your living room with the sophisticated and traditional style of Benson Corner 47 TV Stand. Showcasing clean lines, immaculate cuts and raised panel design, this TV Stand is indeed a delightful treat to the eyes. The TV stand is enriched with black rubbed finish for subtle distressing to intensify its stunning looks. A roomy cabinet with an adjustable shelf inside provides abundant space for all your media players, and other necessary items like CDs, DVDs and gaming consoles. There are eyelets in the back panel for clutter-free cable management that allows you to conveniently interconnect the media devices or plug into the socket in a neat and organized manner. With easy functionality, space-saving design and stylish looks, the Benson TV Stand is sure to appeal to you and your guests.


  • American furniture style TV stand
  • It accommodates up to maximum 50-inch flat panel TV
  • Made from hardwood solids and birch veneers
  • Spacious cabinet with a shelf for media storage
  • Adjustable shelf
  • Hinged cabinet door with wooden framed tempered glass
  • Blackened metal knob accent the door and overall TV stand
  • Adequate cable management opening at the back
  • This TV stand requires assembly and is very easy to put together
  • Maximum holding capacity: 240 pounds
  • Manufacturer provides the one-year limited warranty against damages and defects

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 20“ – Width: 75“ – Height: 25“ – Weight: 80 lbs.

Cabinet Interior: Length: 19“ – Width: 18“ – Height: 375“

Exterior Shelf: Width: 18“


Modern TV Stands

Give your home an elegant update while treating your entertainment media devices with care with these modern TV stands. With plentiful storage space, these TV stands allow you to keep and organize all your media devices in a single place. Featuring elegant designs and attractive finishes, each TV stand in this collection is a stunning beauty.


1. Marini 60 TV Stand by Brayden StudioMarini 60

Add a twist to your home décor with the curvy design of Marini 60 TV Stand. Its stylish and sophisticated look will add to the beauty of your home. This modern TV stand has sturdy built and spacious top to accommodate up to the 60-inch television. With two drawers and four open shelves, this TV stand offers plentiful space for all your media components such as DVD players, stereo system, gaming consoles and accessories. The metal finished pulls accent the drawer fronts while providing a comfortable grip to open and close the drawers easily. The Marini TV Stand is functional and elegant and is sure to become a valuable addition to your home.


  • Sophisticated design
  • Constructed from MDF wood and wood veneers
  • Finish: Black
  • Also available in the espresso finish
  • Offers ample media storage space
  • Two roomy drawers for concealed storage
  • Metal glides on drawers for smooth operation
  • This TV stand requires assembly
  • Maximum weight limit: 100 pounds

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 18“ – Width: 60“ – Height: 22“ – Weight: 31 lbs.

Exterior Shelf: Length: 75“ – Width: 19“ – Height: 8“


2. Gamma TV Stand for TVs up to 70″ by Ivy BronxGamma TV Stand for TVs up to 70" by Ivy Bronx

Give your living room a rustic touch with the lovely design and pale oak finish of Ivy Bronx Gamma TV Stand. It boasts a graceful look showcasing clean lines on the drawers. The drawers feature T-lock system with safety stop, so they don’t fall out on you when opened completely. The three drawers slide on metal glides for smooth functionality. With three open shelves and three drawers, this TV stand provides all the space you need for keeping your audiovisual devices and other accessories. Part of the Gamma TV Stand collection from the house of Ivy Bronx, this TV stand is sturdy and durable to last for many years. Place it against your bedroom or living room wall with some flower vase on sides of the TV, and you will be glad to see what a vast difference this TV stand creates to your existing décor.


  • This TV stand can accommodate up to maximum 70 inch flat panel TV
  • Constructed in the USA from manufactured wood
  • Shelves serve both purposes as storage space and display shelf
  • Drawers operate on metal runners
  • Safety stops with patented T-lock system
  • Cable management feature for uncluttered cords
  • Assembly is required
  • Eco-friendly
  • Maximum weight capacity: 135 pounds
  • Manufacturer provides 5-year limited warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 18.98“ – Width: 72.24“ – Height: 20.75“ – Weight: 174 lbs.

Drawer Interior: Length: 14.5“ – Width: 22.5“ – Height: 9.25“

Exterior Shelf: Length: 19“ – Width: 22.125“ – Height: 7.875“


3. TV Stand for TVs up to 55 with Electric Fireplace by Birch LaneTV Stand for TVs up to 55

Enjoy the sight of the crackling campfire and its cozy warmth with this TV Stand that comes with an Electric Fireplace. The fireplace showcases a realistic burning log effect that reminds of a fun camping night. The flame and temperature are adjustable. The best part is that you can enjoy looking at the flickering flame even when the heater is turned off for all season enjoyment. This TV stand is multi-functional and high on utility value. The full top conveniently holds flat screen TVs for up to the maximum of 60 inches. The total length open shelf at the top center is ideal for placing your cable boxes or DVD player. The adjustable shelves behind the window-pane doors are perfect for keeping your collection of CDs, DVDs and books. Bring home this stunning TV stand and enhance the elegance of your home with grace and its attractive look.


  • Made from manufactured wood, metal and glass component
  • Electrical fireplace with realistic flickering flame effect
  • Ideal for providing supplemental heat and saves expenses of the bill
  • Heating capacity is 400 square feet
  • Plug-in unit that requires 120 volt
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting system
  • The flame effect works without heating option too
  • Includes multi-functional remote control
  • One open shelf for the DVD player or cable box
  • Two cabinets on each side with total 6 compartments
  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Maximum weight capacity: 109 pounds
  • It comes with one year limited warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 15.37“ – Width: 57“ – Height: 34.25“ – Weight: 106


4. Holland 71 Extra Wide TV Stand by dCOR designHolland 71

The attractive Holland 71 Extra Wide TV Stand by dCOR design is an ideal choice for those who fancy sophisticated furniture. This TV stand has an extra-wide top that is spacious enough to accommodate a 71 inch TV easily. It has three open shelves in the center; one on top is perfect for the cable box, the two below that is ideal for the gaming console, DVD player or Blu ray player. The two cabinets on the sides offer additional space for keeping your other media components and CDs and DVDs collection. You can also put your books or decorative items. The shelves are adjustable. The cabinet doors are made from tempered glass and equipped with magnetic door catches. There are cable management holes in the back that helps in keeping your furniture and room clutter free.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Built out of engineered wood with tempered safety glass doors
  • Ravenwood Black finish complements all room decors
  • The extra-wide top can hold additional items like DVD player or showpieces
  • Three open shelves for placing media components
  • Two cabinets with translucent black glass doors
  • It requires assembly
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • One year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 15.75“ – Width: 70.75“ – Height: 19.5“ – Weight: 83

Cabinet Interior: Length: 13.75“ – Width: 18.5“ – Height: 13.5“

Top Shelf: Length: 13.75“ – Width: 33.5“ – Height: 6.5“

Bottom Shelf: Length: 13.75“ – Width: 18.5“ – Height: 6.5“


5. Watkin 45 TV Stand by Latitude RunWatkin 45

The Latitude Run have exquisitely combined the strength of wood and metal with the classy touch of glass into Watkin TV Stand. It features sturdy construction and large top to hold up to 45 inch TV set. The top shelf is a robust and durable tempered glass shelf that has smoke-gray color. The two open shelves below provide plentiful space for all your A/V devices. The open shelving design dissipates heat of the electronic device and keeps them from getting over-heated. Its stylish yet graceful look is attractive and appealing to give a charming touch to your home.


  • Modern style and sturdy construction
  • Attractive and elegant design
  • The outer frame is made out of MDF with faux wood grain veneer
  • Sturdy construction features black powder-coated steel reinforcements
  • Frame finish: Dark Brown
  • Additional shelf for media storage
  • Stands on non-marking feet that are gentle on tiled and sensitive wood floors
  • Efficient cable management feature
  • Non-toxic and safe for kids and pets
  • It requires assembly
  • Maximum holding capacity of this TV stand is 150
  • Product Care: Clean it with a damp cloth

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 15.7“ – Width: 45.2“ – Height: 17.7“ – Weight: 32 lbs.

Top Shelf: Length: 11.7“ – Width: 42.7“ – Height: 6.7“

Bottom Shelf: Length: 11.7“ – Width: 42.7“ – Height: 8“


6. Belafonte 84 TV Stand by Wade LoganBelafonte 84

Gracefully designed to meet your home entertainment storage needs, the Belafonte TV Stand in an excellent choice for you. With two roomy drawers and two open shelves, this TV stand has a lot of space to offer. You can place your stereo system, DVD player or cable box in the open shelves and can also manage their cords with the holes in the back panel. The silver finished drawer bar, feet and circular bar accents on each side beautifully complement its black finish.


  • Spacious top easily accommodates up to 60 inch LCD and plasma TV
  • Constructed from Eco-friendly and EPP-compliant laminated particle board
  • It is also available in charming chocolate finish
  • Two practical drawers for storing CDs, DVDs and other items
  • Two open shelves for placing DVD player, gaming consoles and stereo system
  • Cable management holes in the back prevent cluttering of cords
  • Non-toxic materials and components make it safe for kids and pets
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
  • Maximum weight capacity: 185 pounds
  • Manufacturer provides five-year limited warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 20“ – Width: 60“ – Height: 22“ – Weight: 95 lbs.

Drawer Interior: Length: 313“ – Width: 5“ – Height: 375“

Exterior Shelf: Length: 563“ – Width: 188“ – Height: 875“


7. West Lake 60 TV Stand with Electric Fireplace by dCOR designWest Lake 60

Crafted in Canada from manufactured wood, the West Lake TV Stand is sturdy, durable and robust to witness many seasons of happiness and enjoyable moments at your home. It features an electric fireplace that is ideal for providing supplemental heat and save your electricity bill. The natural looking burning log effect mesmerizes and reminds of childhood campfire stories. You can adjust the temperature and flame. You can enjoy the delightful sight of the flickering flame even when the heater is off.

Along with the electric fireplace, this TV stand has a lot more to offer. It is spacious with multiple storage options. The three shelves at the top are perfect for keeping cables boxes, a DVD player and gaming console. The two cabinets at each side of the electric fireplace reveal adjustable shelves. You can store all your media components in the cabinets. The glass doors of closets allow remote control access that makes it easy for you to operate your audio video components.


  • Elegantly designed TV stand with an electric fireplace
  • Substantial top to comfortably accommodate a 60-inch flat screen TV
  • Crafted from manufactured wood and metal with glass components
  • Fireplace flame works even when the heater is off
  • The plug-in unit with two settings, 750-watts and 1500 watts
  • Square knobs for a comfortable grip and chic look
  • Requires assembly and very easy to put together
  • Maximum weight limit: 200 pounds
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 19“ – Width: 60“ – Height: 25“ – Weight: 145 lbs.

Exterior Shelf: Length: 19“ – Width: 29“


8. Eldridge 61 TV Stand by ModloftEldridge 61

Impress your guests with the cutting-edge and sophisticated look of Eldridge TV Stand. The clean lines and graceful design of this TV stand are very appealing to the eyes. The white lacquer finish gives it a classy touch. There are two drawers in the center while two flip down cabinets at each side that offer ample storage space for all your media components.


  • Graceful and handsome TV stand
  • Adds style to your modern or contemporary room decor
  • Spacious top to conveniently holds up to 61 inch TV
  • Built out of robust hardwood and veneer
  • Also comes in two more finishes that include Wenge and Walnut
  • Enclosed storage design offers plentiful space
  • 2 sliding drawers in the center
  • 2 flip down cabinets at the side
  • AV ventilation opening and cable management holes in the rear panel
  • Stands on stylish legs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maximum weight limit of this TV stand is 150 pounds
  • Modloft’s guarantee against manufacturing defects for 30 days

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 18“ – Width: 61“ – Height: 22“ – Weight: 134 lbs.

Drawer Interior: Length: 17“ – Width: 21“

Cabinet Interior: Length: 17“ – Width: 5“ – Height: 15“


9. Nika 44 TV Stand by Ebern DesignsNika 44

The graceful and unique look of Nika TV Stand is very appealing and attractive. It made of metal and tempered glass, and this TV stand is very sturdy and durable to last for many years. It features open shelving design, and the three shelves offer generous space for a 48 inch TV set and other media devices such as cable boxes, DVD player and your gaming consoles. This beautiful TV stand requires some assembly, and it is low on maintenance. Being ISTA 3A certified, this TV stand stays safe while in transit.


  • Silver finish complements all room themes
  • Open shelving design to counter the heat generated
  • Top shelf is 8 mm thick while bottom shelves are 6 mm thick
  • Maximum weight capacity of the top shelf: 250 pounds
  • Cable management holes in the back avoid tangled wires and cords
  • It requires some assembly
  • ISTA certified to ensure the TV stand remains safe during transit
  • 30 days warranty on this product

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 24“ – Width: 42“ – Height: 22“ – Weight: 65

Top Shelf: Length: 24“ – Width: 42“ – Height: 7“

Bottom Shelf: Length: 24“ – Width: 42“ – Height: 10“


10. Donovan 44 TV Stand by Latitude RunDonovan 44

Fusion of elegance and functionality, the Donovan TV Stand is an excellent choice for those, you prefer elegant furnishings. The open shelf in center with a cable management hole is perfect for your cable box or DVD player. Two drawers below the shelf can store other media components like gaming consoles, CDs and DVDs. Two media storage shelves on both ends offer additional space. It is sturdy enough to hold up to 250 pounds and a 52-inch flat panel TV set. It features textured black that enhances its overall graceful profile and complements all types of room themes.


  • Stylish and graceful design
  • Comfortably accommodate up to 52-inch flat screen TV
  • Made from high-grade PVC, durable manufactured wood and metal
  • Rich textured finish in black color
  • Ample storage space for all your media components
  • An open shelf in the center with cable management hole
  • Two drawers for hidden storage
  • Two open shelves at both sides offer additional space for storing multiple items
  • Easy and simple to assemble
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • ISTA 3A certification for safe and damage-free delivery
  • 30 days manufacturer’s warranty against defects

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 16“ – Width: 44“ – Height: 23“ – Weight: 64


Rustic TV Stands

Enjoy the fresh air of countryside forest loaded with the fragrance of lavender and forest pine with this collection of rustic TV stands. This collection of rustic TV stands features sturdy built with unique wood grain detailing and gorgeous finishes to select. These media consoles accommodate all your modern-day entertainment devices from plasma TV to satellite receivers, gaming systems, surround sound systems and other media components. Scroll through the selection of some of the best rustic TV stands and get the one that matches your room décor and color theme.


1. Bodhi 62.6 TV StandBodhi 62.6

Featuring louvered doors, bun feet and smooth salt oak finish; this classy TV stand is sure to become a valuable addition to your home. With ample storage space, it is an ideal solution to stow all your movie night essentials.


  • Freestanding TV stand
  • Accommodates up to maximum 60 inch TV set
  • Made out of manufactured wood
  • Four exterior shelves with arched accents
  • Louvered cabinet doors reveal an adjustable shelf for holding your CD and DVD collection
  • Cable management feature
  • Very simple and easy to assemble
  • Maximum weight capacity: 135 pounds

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 21.58“ – Width: 62.68“ – Height: 25.43“ – Weight: 130 lbs.

Cabinet Interior: Length: 19.5“ – Width: 21“ – Height: 18.75“


2. Gallatin 68 TV StandGallatin 68

Impress your guests and garner loads of compliments with the charming and rustic look of Gallatin TV Stand. Its exquisite design combining wood and metal with skilled craftsmanship sets it apart from other TV stands. Featuring a mix of metal, engineered wood and Mindi veneers, this TV stand is robust enough to hold up to maximum 68 inch TV set conveniently. It has two open shelves at the top with cable management holes. There are four more open shelves where you can keep your books, photo frames or other showpieces to bring out the best in this TV stand. The two cabinets with glass door are perfect for dust-free storage of your media devices. Four metal legs serve as the sturdy base and provide support to the TV stand. This classy beauty is quite natural to assemble and is low on maintenance.


  • Constructed from poplar hardwood solid, Mindi veneer and metal legs along with metal straps on top panel
  • Distressed worn oak finish
  • Four fixed exterior shelves on each side offer additional media storage
  • Two cabinets in the center with framed glass doors and metal knobs
  • Interior shelves are adjustable
  • Cable management holes at the back keep cord untangled
  • Ventilation slots to keep media devices from getting overheat
  • Oiled bronze finished legs with cross design
  • Base levelers
  • Eco-friendly materials and components used
  • It comes assembled and ready to use

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 20“ – Width: 68“ – Height: 32“ – Weight: 166 lbs.

Cabinet Interior: Length: 17.75“ – Width: 18.25“ – Height: 17.5“

Exterior Shelf: Length: 17.875“


3. Franklin 54 TV StandFranklin 54

Simplicity, natural look and excellent craftsmanship are the hallmark of classic farmhouse furniture. Featuring classic rustic look, the Franklin TV Stand is sure to add a dash of elegance and country style to your home. The wide top easily fits a 65 inch TV set. It features two open shelves in the middle and two spacious cabinets on each side. The shelves are perfect for keeping satellite boxes or cable boxes. The cabinets house your electronic devices and keep then dust and grime free. Bring home this handcrafted beauty and give your home décor a classic country touch.


  • Elegant industrial design works well with both modern and traditional home decor
  • Handcrafted by skilled artisans
  • Manufactured from durable solid wood
  • Finish: Antique walnut
  • Sandblasted and hand-finished to create a landmark distressed and rustic feel
  • Forged ironwork features an oxidized finish that contributes to its patina of age
  • The robust surface resists scratches and dents
  • Ample storage space for your audio video devices
  • 2 exterior shelves in the center
  • 2 cabinets on each side
  • The holes in the back allow you to manage your cables and cords
  • Easy to assemble

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 18“ – Width: 59“ – Height: 23“ – Weight: 125 lbs.

Cabinet Interior: Length: 14“ – Width: 18“ – Height: 16“

Exterior Shelf: Length: 14“ – Width: 17“ – Height: 8“


4. Sandy Granite Range 46 TV StandSandy Granite Range 46

Accentuated with running slate tile detailing, glass doors and raised wood panels, the Sandy Granite Range TV Stand is a classy beauty that impresses anyone who laid their eyes upon it. The distressed rustic oak finish adds to its charming look. The top is wide enough to hold a 50-inch flat screen TV. The two cabinet doors open to reveal plentiful storage space where you can keep your DVD player, cable box and gaming consoles along with their accessories. Elegant and functional, the Sandy TV Stand is a must-have for those who do not compromise on looks and functionality.


  • Compact in size with the spacious top and ample storage space
  • Constructed from durable wood and glass components
  • Distressed Rustic Oak finish
  • Beveled top adds detail
  • Clipped rear corners allow versatile placement against both straight wall and corner
  • Single roomy cabinet for keeping media components and other items
  • Two hinged doors open to reveal a fixed shelf
  • Enclosed storage design for dust-free storage
  • Graceful cabinet doors with tempered glass and raised wood panel
  • Cable management holes for uncluttered cords and cables
  • Hammered and pewter finished hardware accent the rustic finish
  • Assembly is required

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 18“ – Width: 46“ – Height: 30“ – Weight: 90


5. Hickham 50 TV StandHickham 50

Add oodles of charismatic charm to your home with the Hickham 50 TV Stand from the house of Birch Lane. Beautifully crafted from Acacia and MDF wood, this TV stand is robust and sturdy to last many years. It features ample storage space with two open compartments and spacious drawers. The textured brown finish of the Hickham TV Stand is very charismatic and praiseworthy. Bring home this gorgeous TV stand and get ready to garner the compliments of your guests on how exotic this TV stand looks!


  • This TV stand can comfortably accommodate a 42 inch TV
  • Textured brown finish
  • The exquisite combination of glossy and distressed finish
  • Two open shelves at the top for cable boxes, gaming consoles or DVD player
  • Four drawers for hidden storage holds all your gaming accessories, CD and DVD collection along with other media components
  • Straight legs
  • It does not require any assembly; ready to use the unit
  • Maximum weight limit: 100 pounds
  • Jofran provides the 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 19“ – Width: 42“ – Height: 28“ – Weight: 78.1 lbs.

Drawer Interior: Length: 5“ – Width: 16“ – Height: 5“

Exterior Shelf: Length: 5“ – Width: 18“ – Height: 75“


6. City Life 68 TV Stand by South ShoreCity Life 68

Bring home this designer wall-mount media unit and give your place a stylish touch. The City Life TV Stand is designed to lend your living room space a superb airy feel. Place your TV on top of it and enjoy the best views no matter where you are sitting in your room. It is easy to put together and mount on wall. It comes with the metal hanging support that is required to fit this TV stand on the wall. Just make sure that it is securely attached to the stud. It features six open shelves at the front and two lateral shelves. Now you can efficiently keep and organize all your media devices into this media console and impress your friends and guests with your smart choice!


  • Sturdy built and wide top to hold up to 66 inch TV
  • It is a wall mount unit
  • Free up valuable floor space
  • Crafted out of manufactured wood and non-toxic laminated particle board
  • Finish: Weathered oak
  • Neutral finish and straight lines design complement wide array of home decors
  • Adjustable shelving
  • 2 lateral open shelves can be utilized as display space or additional media storage space for your CDs and DVDs
  • Maximum holding capacity of the top: 120 pounds
  • The maximum carrying capacity of the shelves: 10 pounds
  • This TV stand meets all North American safety standards
  • South Shore provides 5 year limited warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 16.25“ – Width: 66.25“ – Height: 10.5“ – Weight: 67


7. Abordale 44 TV Stand by Loon PeakAbordale 44

Featuring classic distressed look and rustic style, the Abordale TV Stand is a piece of art in itself. It is handcrafted in the USA from solid wood so you can be assured of its most exceptional quality and robust built. The top of this TV stand is wide and sturdy enough to conveniently fit a widescreen TV of up to 52 inches and no more than 100 pounds. It is a perfect storage solution for keeping your satellite receiver, gaming systems or surround sound system.


  • Sturdy built with heirloom quality
  • A quality product of USA
  • Finish: Lacquered; Ready
  • Skip-peeled with the help of old-fashioned draw knives
  • Accented with solid lodge pole pine trim
  • Each piece in this collection is signed by the skilled artisan who created it
  • Non-toxic materials and components render it safe for the kids and pets
  • 2 cabinets open to reveal a roomy storage space for your media devices
  • Raised panel doors enhance the elegance
  • It comes assembled and ready to use
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100 pounds
  • Loon Peak provides 20-year product warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 16“ – Width: 44“ – Height: 40“ – Weight: 75 lbs

Cabinet Interior: Length: 14“ – Width: 40“ – Height: 20“


8. Orviston Corner 61 TV StandOrviston Corner 61

Looking for an elegant TV stand to place your TV in the corner? The Orviston Corner TV Stand is an excellent choice for you that promises graceful design, durability and sturdiness. Manufactured from quality materials to last long, this Corner TV Stand is sure to witness wear and tear of time and seasons at your home. Featuring two spacious cabinets; this TV stand offers ample space for all your audio video devices and gaming consoles. The natural slate tiles above the cabinets embellish the TV stand, lending it a classy touch. The distressed pewter finished ring pulls add a bit of classic art while aiding in the smooth operation of opening and closing the cabinet doors. Ideal for corner placement in either your bedroom or living room, the Corner TV Stand from the house of Three Posts is sure to become your favorite furniture.


  • Placement: Corner
  • Construction materials use are solid oak, oak veneers over plywood, MDF and glass
  • Medium Oak finish complements all room decors
  • Natural slate accents on the front add a classic touch
  • One cabinet with two doors and a fixed shelf
  • Distressed pewter finished ring pulls accentuate the cabinet fronts
  • Hinged doors for smooth and efficient functionality
  • The back is screwed on
  • Ready to use as soon as delivered at your home
  • Sturdy built and robust with holding capacity of maximum 200 pounds
  • Three Posts provides a 5-year warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 25“ – Width: 47“ – Height: 33“ – Weight: 85 lbs.

Exterior Shelf: Length: 20“ – Height: 9“


9. Pineland TV StandPineland TV Stand

The Pineland TV Stand creates an inviting entertainment corner in your home. It allows you to sit back, get comfortable and enjoy watching your favorite movies. With ample space available to keep your satellite receiver, DVD player and other media devices, this media unit is an ideal choice for rooms with compact space. For lasting durability and sturdiness, it is crafted from cottonwood, alder and pine wood. The appealing natural pine finish works well with all room decors and color themes. Its casually elegant appearance is beautiful to the eyes and paints a picture of a quiet mountain country getaway in your mind to grant you a much-needed escape from daily routine.


  • Multi-step lacquer finish gives depth, color and clarity
  • Final wood tone protective lacquer coating brings out natural elegance
  • Mortise and tenon joinery for sturdy built
  • Smokes glass on cabinet doors and top shelf
  • Glass doors protect your electronic devices and allow remote control access
  • Accommodates TV size: Up to 62 inches
  • Enclosed storage design keeps your devices dust-free
  • Ample storage space with a top shelf, multiple drawers and cabinets
  • Top shelf is perfect for satellite box or cable box
  • Cabinets provide ample space for your media devices
  • Oven treated paint application on metal hardware for protection from tarnish and rust
  • Cable management holes with plastic grommets in the back panel
  • Ventilation feature prevents overheating of electronic devices

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 16“ – Width: 62.25“ – Height: 35“ – Weight: 75

Center Top Shelf: Length: 14“ – Width: 31“ – Height: 6.75“


10. Loanne TV Stand for TVs up to 55Loanne TV Stand for TVs up to 55

Add an elegant charm to your home décor with the graceful profile andlovely brown finish of Loanne TV Stand. Its natural worn out finish reflects a slight hint of antiquity. This graceful TV stand features a spacious top to hold up to 50 inch TV and two wide open shelves for all media devices. Its open shelving design aids in ventilation and speeds up cooling down of electronic devices.


  • Constructed from hardwood solid, manufactured wood and primavera veneer
  • Open shelving design
  • Two open shelves provide all the storage space your need to place your entertainment devices organized and synchronized
  • Fixed shelves
  • Tip restraining hardware
  • Cable management feature avoids cluttering of cords and cables
  • Stands firmly on 4 substantial straight legs
  • Simple and easy to assemble
  • August Grove provides a 1 year warranty on this TV stand

Weight and Dimensions:

Length: 18“ – Width: 50“ – Height: 30“ – Weight: 122 lbs.


TV Stand Types:

TV stand as we usually see, hasn’t only one type such as a regular TV stand with shelves or fireplace features. It has some more models. It might be strange for you to know that it has some weird types too. So, let’s talk about each of its types:


Fireplace TV Stand:

With the evolution of problem-solving inventions, fireplace TV stand is one of the best things you can have in your TV or entertainment room. Now, there are many kinds of fireplace TV stands in which some are electric, and some need gas or gel fuel. The purpose is to keep your room warm during winter days. Whether the fire of fireplace is fake or real, it still adds charm to your TV room. OK, so let’s talk about some different types of the fireplace TV stands:


Electric Fireplace TV Stands:

TV stands with electric fireplace are popular these days. Generally, fireplace TV stand is mostly considered electric; though, there are still some non-electric types. The purpose of this TV stand to add beauty to the TV room. The heat is usually optional which mean, you can turn it on or off, but the fire mimics the real fire without the need for gas or wood. The room remains free from gas and gives you a pleasant experience while you enjoy your TV shows or movies.

Propane Fireplace TV Stand:

It is another form of fireplace source in a TV stand. Propane is an essential part of LPG which is better than Butane in many ways. Propane is being stored in a tank cold down to -45 degrees gives greater pressure as compared to butane, giving you the similar fireplace experience. The only difference here is, it is not electric but the propane gas TV stand.


Natural Gas Fireplace TV Stand:

It is a prevalent form of gas which doesn’t need any tank to keep it stored. Not only that, it burns clean for a fireplace too. Generally, it saves you costs versus using alternatives. Another benefit is that you do not need so much wood with this kind of gas. It keeps your room hot on colder days while you focus on watching your favorite movies.


Desktop TV Stand:

As its name suggests, this TV stand attaches or is placed on your desk. It isn’t merely like the regular TV stand which comes for free with the LCD or led TV. It is the little bit bigger and is durable. But it depends on your TV manufacturer, and the chances are they can also give you a free TV stand with TV which may look more suitable for you.


Double-Sided TV Stand:

It is usually a tall metal TV stand with dual sides allowing you to attach a TV on both sides. So, in this case, one TV stand adds two televisions. It means no more fight with your spouse for your favorite channel or movies. Now you might be wondering what about sound? Wouldn’t the music of two televisions mix? Well, either of you can use a wireless headset if it is compatible with your TV. So, both can watch their favorite movies without distraction, in one room.


Floating Wall TV Stand:

This form of TV stand keeps your TV watching experience clean because the TV wires look invisible and TV is mounted on the stand or wall similar to a picture or frame. OK, so how it is done? The TV wires are organized beautifully within the TV stand, so its cables do not show up around your TV because these are hidden in the organizer behind your TV. Keeping your TV room clean and wire-free.

Footboard TV Stand:

It is another unique form of a TV stand. It connects to your bed’s footboard. So, what problem does it solve? It gives you a close to TV experience when you are laying on your bed. It can attach TV with a metal TV stand connected to the footboard, or it can be a pop-up slot on your bed’s footboard so the TV can only come out whenever you want. As it is something unique and most bed footboards do not have this feature. So there are many standalone lift-up TV cabinets which can be placed by the footboard to perform the same function.


Best TV Stands for Gamers:

This type of TV stand as the name suggests, it is built especially for gamers. Some features are Cabinets for consoles, their DVDs, controllers and accessories etc. Not all gaming TV stands are the same. The styles and features vary. It depends on the taste of gamers how do they like it to be. I am a pc gamer myself, and I can understand the importance of a gaming TV stand. Some of the best gaming TV stands are Atlantic Black Centipede Game Storage and Axon 3-in-1 Gaming Theater TV Stand, and the structure of these TV stands is mainly designed for gaming.


TV Stand with Hutch:

If you are looking for a TV stand with some compartments or shelves to store DVDs or other TV related items, a TV stand with hutch would be suitable for you. There was a time when televisions were usually smaller so that even a simple table was enough. These days there are LCDs, LEDs, Plasma TVs and even 3D technology TVs with the massive size of up to 60 to 100 inches or even more. These TV stands may require the large size of hutch TV stands. Some of the Modern hutch TV stands work similarly to floating TV stands by keeping wires organized behind.


TV Stand Shapes:

The shape of anything is a choice we all have. We have different options of how something should look. When it comes to TV stands, it also has different shapes while the rectangle is usually preferred. So, let’s talk about different shapes of TV stands:


Oval TV Stand:

This TV stand comes in two forms in which either it’s top is oval or its front. The oval top TV stand look ideal because it has the necessary area on its middle top and then it has narrow sides making an oval shape. Usually, these TV stands look like a small table or dresser with a few cabinets. The other form of this TV stand is oval front which resembles a piece of stylish furniture, and it is extra wide, having an empty oval area to place related items such as DVD players or gaming consoles. Both are good depending on the features.


Rectangle TV Stand:

It is generally the most popular type of TV stand which is not called by the word “rectangle” because when a standard table or TV stand comes to mind, people already believe it should be the rectangle. There are enormous styles in this kind of TV stand shape. It is not only about a TV stand, but take a look at almost anything in your room, even your new LCD/LED TV, it would be rectangular. We are so much used to it by now.


Round TV Stand:

The round TV stand can’t look like a complete round in shape except for round top TV stands. It can only be in the case when it is a TV stand with hutch which forms a circular shape around your TV. I haven’t seen most of these, but there is still some good variety of these tables for different living room styles.

Square TV Stand:

This kind of TV stand would be suitable for small rooms because if you do not have enough space to place a rectangle one, the square TV stand will do the thing. Here square doesn’t mean the square top stand as in this case it may look too small or if it is significant, it may take so much area in the room (as it is should look like a TV stand, not a dining table). But usually, its forward shape looks square.


Triangle TV Stand:

A triangle TV stand generally used as a corner TV stand is good if you like to place your TV in the corner of your room. The reason can be the room is filled with other furniture pieces, or you only want to style your room differently. But if you think about it, a triangle TV stand on the corner looks great. People usually use room corners for decoration purposes but adding a TV would be something different; however, it might be uncomfortable for some people if the sofas are not towards that position.


Ways to Enjoy the TV Stand Experience:

With proper room decoration and seating space, you can have maximum fun with a suitable TV stand. If you have a small room with a large TV stand, instead of regular sofas you can consider using a daybed which lifts you up due to its large size and it can accommodate 3 or more people easily. Not only that, if it looks relevant to your room, you can also add some benches for extra seating space for some guests or kids.


TV Stand Alternatives:

The concept of the TV stand is not the same everywhere. In old times, televisions were smaller. People usually used dressers or a table to place their TV. After the invention of LCD and LED TVs, the TV stand trend got popular. But still, some people use different alternatives as their TV stands. Let’s talk about some of these:


Easel as TV Stand:

Now, this is creative. Like drawing or painting, easels can hold an excellent vertical size of the drawing board.

Similarly, these can fix a wide TV by easel’s clips. However, you should make sure the easel is durable to hold your TV, and its legs must carry the weight of TV. With an easel, it can be placed in almost any place such as easily in the corners of your room. If you have some creative skills, you can add a wooden board below easel to put DVDs and other accessories.


Console Table as TV Stand:

Because of the size and shape of a regular console table, it can for sure look like a TV stand for your LCD or Plasma TV. Not only that, but it can look more attractive as its shape would match with a slim TV.

Console tables are usually thin so make sure you have such kind of console table for this.


Piano as TV Stand:

An old piano can also be used as a TV stand other than its fabulous music. It doesn’t mean that you only have to place a TV on a keyboard but you can re-purpose a piano into a TV stand so it remains a piano and at the same time can work as a TV stand.

The catch here is, your guests shouldn’t only focus on the modern furniture in your room, but a piano which might be left for your from your ancestors can become the point of focus for your friends and guests while they watch TV.


Bookcase as a TV Stand:

OK, that might sound strange but using a bookshelf as your TV stand can be beneficial. If your spouse is a reader, place some of their favorite books.

If they do not like a channel or program you watch, they may pick a book and start reading somewhere without distracting you. A black or any dark color book stand will give a matching experience with TV.


Outdoor TV stands:

Generally, it is common to watch TV in your room. But you are not always sitting in your room. Sometimes you have parties, and you might be sitting on your lawn or at least outside your home. Especially at night, your guests would need some entertainment. Having a conversation in your garden has its relaxation. While adding a TV outside can be fun. Outdoor TV stand usually called an outdoor TV cart looks similar to the regular ones, while, the only difference is portability because you wouldn’t want to leave your television outside when you return home. Here are some outdoor TV stand examples:


Outdoor TV Stand on Wheels:

It is the most common type of outdoor TV stands because you can move it quickly. It is usually lightweight for even a teenager to move. In most cases, you would find metal stands, as wooden would be heavier. Some of these TV stands feature a small laptop stand below the TV, so whenever you have to do some important work you can do it comfortably outside.


Outdoor Pop-Up TV Cabinet:

This kind of TV stand is a unique invention. It is a hidden TV stand which keeps TV inside, and when it is time to watch, the TV pops out. However, it is an outdoor TV stand which means to have an extra TV for this. But it is still a good TV stand if your evening usually spends in your garden.


DIY Outdoor TV Stand:

The good thing is, you can also make your outdoor TV stand by using some wooden boards. Now if you have never made something like that before it is also ok, here are some tips on how to do that.


Brands of Best TV Stands:


Ameriwood helps you furnish your home on a budget without compromising style of your choice.

Having a mission to improve their customers’ lives keeping things affordable for them.

They keep improving their products. Ameriwood considers their customers “a home” and they need them to look up to them for their home furnishings.


Assembly Instructions for one of the Ameriwood TV Stands:

This video shows how Ameriwood Home Harbor TV stand can be assembled in 4 easy steps.


Baxton Studio TV Stands:

Baxton Studio has been offering their online furniture services for last 16 years as it started in 2002. They have great experience in sofa manufacturing.

Their mission is to make it easy for their customers to order furniture online having security and comfort. Every month they deliver more than 200k furniture pieces nationally.

On wayfair, Baxton Studio items seem like merged with Whole-sale Interiors.


Baxton Studio assembly instructions for tv stands and other furniture are available here.


Convenience Concepts:

It has been 30 years since this company started with its main focus to become a modern furniture marketplace leader. They are committed to continuously making their customers their top priority.

They also like to help people finding the replacement parts and assembly instructions.



It was established by Erie Sauder in 1934 as a woodworking business in the barn which was behind his home in Ohio.

Sauder has been a leading RTA (ready to assemble) producer in North America. They have made it easy for an average person to assemble their furniture without having much technical skills.

However, if you still need assembly instructions for specific TV stand you can request an instructions book from Sauder here.



So, we discussed about features, materials and brands of best TV stands. The purpose of this article was to describe as much possible aspects of a TV stand to help you as much I can.

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